Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Workshop _ Cute Circuit

CUTE CIRCUIT - wearables workshop

I am personally very interested in fashion, so being introduced to a theme like "wearables" was for me a really stimulating and interesting experience.
I really liked the way CUTE CIRCUIT made us approach to the subject, introducing the theme and explaining really clearly some basic things. They also gave as a really helpful overview about sensors, in a very easy way so i could -for the first time since i've been dealing with them- see them not like monsters : )
So, Ryan and Francesca structured the week in lectures and practical work sessions, so that we alternated lectures and slides-presentations to brainstorming and work.

I worked together with Jon Olav and Jorn, as we were mostly interested in an "emotional" way to look at clothing. This poin of view interests me as i see clothing as one of the best ways to express personality and even feelings. So i think that clothing could be a good way to help the interaction between people, and they could make easier tocommunicate things one sometimes finds hard to express.
So, brainstorming and discussing through different ways by which emotions could be expressed by clothing, we decided to develop the a kind of accessories or clothing that could express something reading from your body, so something that is indirectly up to you to manage.
We realized the rough model for an accessory that women can wear on their shoulders, on which there are a lot of petal-shaped things which goes up and down depending on your heart beat.


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