Wednesday, March 01, 2006

task 3 _ touchable services

It was really interesting to work with RFIDs as they are so small and cheap that you can place them almost everywhere, and do almost everything combining them with your mobile phone.
Me and my group - Jon Olav, Bjork Erik and Marie - started brainstorming on mondy, and the possibilities were so many that we couldn't decide the idea to build around the concept, as this technology gives raelly a great number of possibilities. Finally, on wednesday afternoon, after a tiring working day we had the final idea, which was really stimulating both as i could easily figure it out as a working service and as i personally find it really useful. I'll explain our concept in the fallowing paragraphs.
Our concept is a new service which uses RFID to give people advices about places to go and things to do in the city.
The purpose is to suggest someone a place - a caffè, a shop or anything else - he probably would like, based on the places he and other people go to.
This service is made for every kind of people: inhabitants of the city and not, and it is thought to be very useful for tourists.
It is a free service and you subscribe to it just if you are interested.
The service works on an amazon-system-based database, which stores the informations of the places where people go, and builds a network of places based on the similarities of the interests.
It uses only the data stored in the last month, so that it is always updated.
To have an idea of how it could work among real people, we printed a short questionnaire, and we interviewed 12 people, asking them if they would find interesting a service like this, if they would consider paying for it, and we asked them to list 3 clubls, 3 bars, 3 caffès and 3 shops they usually go to.
Then we placed all those places on a map of Oslo, dividing the different people with different colours. This was very interesting, as we could see the places people have in common.
It was a really stimulating task, and i got to know more about the RFID technology, that probably in a couple of years will invade the the spaces giving us every kind of service and information.


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